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Flex-rigid PCB Show 1

 Flex-rigid pcb


The flex-rigid pcb is a kind of special circuit board formed by pressing rigid pcb and Flex PCB. The rigid board and the flexible board are directly connected, eliminating the traditional board to board connector, so that the PCB design is more compact, precise and better electrical performance.  

At present, The flex-rigid pcbs are mainly used in medical, industrial control, military, aerospace and other fields, as well as high-end smart phones, tablet computers and other consumer electronics. Thanks to the excellent 3D installation characteristics and high reliable connection electrical performance of the combination board, more and more applications have begun to use the flex-rigid board scheme, such as the hot intelligent wearable devices in recent years, AR / VR devices.

4layer flex-rigid (1L Rigid+2L Flex +1L Rigid)


6Llayer flex-rigid(5L Rigid+ 1L Flex)


6layer flex-rigid (2L Rigid+2L Flex +2L Rigid)